July 26th 


Spencer Creek is a live musical showcase meant to foster and promote local bands. Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, and the surrounding areas are ample with talent - we have made it our mission to recognize and provide an adequate opportunity to express said talent.

The showcase will consist of 4 bands, each receiving a nominal installment for their preformance. One band in particular, however, will receive the special honour of receiving 2 days of FREE studio recording with Studio Down Under.

This year, as a result of physical distancing restrictions, Spencer Creek will be apart of Country Fest at Home, and will be streamed live online. 



Maya Rae

Poised at the crossroads between innocence and experience, Maya Rae’s voice communicates with an immediacy and commitment that most artists never attain. In an age when so much music feels overproduced and lacking in genuine emotion, Maya’s songs come like a breath of fresh air. Vital, committed and uplifting, the upcoming sophomore release from Maya Rae, ‘Can You See Me?’ is the real deal.


Earl Jenkins

A singer/songwriter with an acoustic guitar and a big voice. Earl write songs in a variety of styles, from up-tempo to introspective, and likes to put his own musical spin on some of my favourite cover songs. His influences are all over the place, from Prince to The Tragically Hip, from Bach to Benny Goodman to Damien Rice. 


The Brice Tabish Band

While all members of The Brice Tabish Band (BTB) grew up on a strong diet of British and American classic rock bands, their own music has retained all of the emotional strength with only some of the bombast.

BTB brings the early influence of jazz rhythms on classic rock music, now largely lost, back to our attention with their funk and blues-inspired brand of original hard rock.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 2.46.22 PM.png

Maju Maju

Jabulile Dladla former member of the 3 times Grammy Award Winners Soweto Gospel Choir. Song Writer,Composer, Singer, Percussionst, Piano ,sound engineer, producer from West Vancouver.

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Tanner Olsen Band

Nights spent in high school listening to country music at tailgate parties on the banks of the Fraser River near their hometown farming community of Chilliwack, BC is what drew Tanner Olsen, Graeme Fugger and RJ Poland together.


Jonny Bones

Maple Ridge's Jonny Bones mixes a blend of punk, ska, folk and raw emotion over a skeletal structure of meager melodies. Jonny injects honest truths into lyrics that have been not simply written, but lived.