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About Us

On June 15th, 1901 the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association was formed, and a set of Goals and Objectives were developed. The wording has changed slightly since then, but the commitment to promote and educate the public about the importance of agriculture in our daily lives is just as strong now as it was then. The Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Agricultural Association has worked hard to develop a National and Provincial award winning, family oriented, and agriculturally educational annual event and is recognized as "one of the best". 

The future of the "Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows COUNTRY FEST" remains extremely promising and exciting. We are committed to the promotion and education of agriculture and to bringing together rural and urban people in an atmosphere of wholesome entertainment and good sportsmanship - for the benefit of all.

Maple Ridge Agriculture Association is committed:

  • To stage an annual Fair, which will be a showcase for quality Livestock, Produce of the Soil, Home Crafts, Youth Work and Community Life in general.

  • To support and encourage the 4-H program in its aims of developing personal skills, a sense of community and good citizenship in our youth.

  • To demonstrate the value of Agriculture to our economy through demonstrations and displays and to facilities throughout the year to enhance various specific Agricultural Programs.

  • To bring together rural and urban peoples in an atmosphere of wholesome entertainment and good sportsmanship - promoting understanding and co-operation.

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