2019 Schedule & Attractions:

4-H Show

Sheep Dogs

Dairy Classroom

Open Horse Show

Country Dance Performances 

Church at Country Fest

Backyard Farming 

Young Dancers Showcase


Live Entertainment

Spencer Creek: Live Musical Showcase

Poultry in Motion

Richard's Racers

Silver Valley Blueberry 
Pie Eating Contest

Home Arts & Gardening

Primetimers R&R

Swing Dancing

Gretta the Clown

West Coast
Lumberjack Show

Fun 'TIll You're Done Farm

Shooting Star


Buy BC Agri-Trek

Thrill of the Drill

Guilds & Artisan Demos

Learn from the Best

Shooting Star Amusements

Ferris Wheel, Cotton Candy, Mini Roller Coaster, and more!