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July 29th and 30th!

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Saturday July 23, 2022

SHIMMY FOR THE SOUL is one of the busiest belly dance troupes in the Lower Mainland inviting all ages and dance levels to celebrate the ancient art form of Dance Oriental through performing a variety of styles at major family friendly events throughout the Lower Mainland and beyond.  Some SFTS regular appearances include the Richmond Night Market since 2009, the International Summer Night Market since 2008, BC Renfest since 2007, the VANCOUVER PNE over the past few years and many  more.  Known for their big shows, exciting props and diverse creative expression beyond the more limiting historical traditions of middle eastern dance, Shimmy for the Soul brings us together in the spirit of fun, celebrating the joy of life through introducing audiences of all ages to a unique interpretation of middle eastern dance.

We are a registered not-for-profit, Vancouver-based Romani performance troupe. Our goal is to bring the culture, music, and dance of the Romani people alive. Our shows are appropriate for all ages and we frequently perform at festivals, concerts, and private functions across Vancouver and British Columbia.

We are a very talented, fun, and enthusiastic “Country Dance Team”!

With over twenty years of experience, dedication, we have become very popular throughout the lower mainland. 

We perform in many parades, festivals, fund raisers, seniors’ complexes! We choreograph dances and will offer to teach dance lessons. 

We practice between September to June and welcome new members anytime. The team practices on Wednesdays, at the Cloverdale Legion, Surrey from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

Come out and enjoy some dancing, fun, laughter, and new friendships!

EuroFest at Country Fest Flag Parade Starting at 12:20 pm!

Formed in the spring of 2013, Shot of Scotch Vancouver is a non-profit society dedicated to honouring and expanding the Highland dance tradition through performance and education. We create imaginative and innovative Highland dance that engages and inspires diverse local, national and international audiences on an emotional level. We serve as a cultural and arts ambassador based in Vancouver BC, creating community connections and opportunities that allow adult Highland dancers to thrive beyond their competitive careers.

Under the Artistic Direction of Susan Nase, Shot of Scotch Vancouver strives to create new, exciting, contemporary dance pieces while maintaining a high standard of technique, as well as remaining true to the deep Scottish roots of the centuries old art form of highland dance. Whenever possible, Shot of Scotch Vancouver is thrilled to collaborate with musicians and artists of other disciplines. Shot of Scotch Vancouver has a full annual calendar of public performances across the lower mainland including at the BC Highland Games, CelticFest Vancouver, The BC Government Multicultural Awards, SFU Diwali, Discover Dance at The Dance Centre, The Rogue Folk Club, numerous ceilidhs, festivals, Robbie Burns events, and private celebrations. Our performance highlights have included invitations to present original choreography internationally, performing alongside top callibre artists from across the globe at Tartan Week (New York City, USA 2018), the Nanchang International Military Tattoo (Nanchang, China 2017) and the 8th International Body Music Festival (Paris, France 2016).  

The Slovenian Folklore Dance Troupe began in 1964, performing dances from various parts of Slovenia - some very traditional and some choreographed more recently.  Generally known Slovenian dances are the Štajeriš, zibenšrit, tapotrkana, mazurka, ceperle, rakova, as well as the more modern polkas and waltzes.  They are always accompanied by an accordionist playing traditional tunes.  Their costumes are of the style worn in Gorenjska, in the Julian Alps.  They are active in the BC Slovenian community and have danced at festivals, cultural events and seniors’ centers.  The group toured in Slovenia in 2000 and they also participated in the 5th Annual Princeton Traditional Music Festival in 2012, the Christmas Market from 2013 to 2016, the 5th Annual Slavic Concert at the Jewish Center; the annual Greek Festivals on Boundary Road; and the European Festivals since 2012.
You will be entertained by the Slovenian Folklore Dance Troupe, dancing to lively polkas and waltzes on the accordion.  They’ll kick up their heels higher with encouraging clapping and applause from the audience.

“Zornitza Dance Ensemble” is a group of young dancers who love and cherish their European roots and aspire to showcase their culture and celebrate their community. Most of them have been involved in Bulgarian dancing for over 10 years. 

The group’s mission is to highlight and showcase all of the unique and diverse qualities of Bulgaria and its surrounding Eastern-European regions. Bulgarian folklore is an exceptional collection of spiritual wealth that has been built over centuries, and these dances embody that.

The Country Cuties are a volunteer promotional dance team that have been performing for over 15 years all over the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Rockin' leather chaps and cowboy hats the girls are thrilled to entertain at various community events such as the Langley Good Times Cruise In, Langley Community Days, Aldergrove Fair, and many local parades! They’ve even performed at weddings! 

“Hubavitsi" is a Bulgarian Youth Dance group with members between 10 and 18 years old. Together they share their love for Bulgarian dance and culture.”

Jane Wylie is a 19 year old Haida and Scottish young lady. about 10 years ago she saw a hoop dancer who gave her her first three hoops. This started her love for hoop dancing and se started teaching herself. She also is a jingle dancer which she taught herself as well. She has been dancing at National Indigenous days in Maple Ridge and Langley for several years. She also has performed at SD 42 Aboriginal Awards and throughout the Lower Mainland. All her regalia is handmade by her and her dad. 

Internationally acclaimed music group, The Spiritual Warriors, create music inspired by the land and life in the coast mountains of the Lilwat Nation. With their unique blend of indigenous chants and contemporary roots, rock, reggae, The Spiritual Warriors are distinctly west coast. The band perform most of their songs in U'cwalmicwts and are passionate about preserving and promoting their language and culture. The uplifting reggae rhythm only underlines the beautiful harmonizing of the vocals sung bilingually in English and U'cwalmicwts, the Lil'wat Language. The Spiritual Warriors, formerly known as Kalan Wi, are led by father and daughter, Leroy Joe (vocals, guitar) and Daisy Joe (vocals) and are accompanied by Richard Doucet with his infectious djembe beats. the backbone of the Caribbean rhythm section is laid down by Mike Rowe (bass) of Jamaican heritage. The band regularly collaborates with other First Nation artists and musicians to write and perform live. Ancestors, their debut Album was released in 2019 and has received 4 nominations at the Native American Music Awards in New York and won for BEST WORLD RECORDING. This truly unique band will take you on a cultural journey to the natural heartbeat of the Indigenous drum and the St'at'imc people.

Appaloosa is a four-piece band consisting of:
Jake Stolz on lead guitar and vocals
Chris Frie on bass guitar and vocals
Chris Murray Driver on drums
Featuring the talented female singer Courtney Hunt

Since it's inception, Appaloosa has been in great demand performing in clubs to concert stages always delivering an entertaining high-energy show

The hilarious high-energy antics of the Blues Brothers captivated a generation of viewers and with the release of Paramount’s film “Blues Brothers 2000”, the Blues Brothers are hotter than ever before! And Jake And Elwood’s Blues Brothers Revue is the TOP Blues Brothers Revue in the Pacific Northwest…

Jake and Elwood bring with them a smokin’ showband, high-voltage dance routines, top-notch vocals and hilarious skits. It’s all part of the non-stop, high-octane entertainment when they “crash” your special event, corporate function, party, grad or what-have-you! And complete sound and lighting production is no problem either.

Like Jake says: ‘This ain’t no lipsync, baby … we’re totally live and totally cool!”

West Coast Chicago is a group of musicians who share a mutual admiration for the legendary rock band CHICAGO.  Each player is dedicated to recreating the sound, energy, and intensity of every song musically and vocally.  Within their repertoire, you’ll find hit after hit, and Chicago has a dizzying number of them.  

West Coast Chicago will appeal to all ages, and especially to those who were listening to the radio and buying Chicago albums during their peak years in the ’70s and '80s. Indeed, West Coast Chicago truly is “A Celebration Of The Music Of Chicago”   

Don’t miss this phenomenal tribute to CHICAGO!

A legacy of Rock, Horns, & Hits! 

Sunday July 24, 2022

Check out our non denominational church service at 10 am! An offering for Ukrainian Refugees Relief will be received.

Everything changed when a surgeon told Deborah she may loose her voice after having thyroid cancer surgery.   

She had enjoyed singing all her life and had dreams of performing to large audiences.  Deborah also wanted to be able to sing at her daughter's wedding one day. Two weeks after the surgery she realized her voice had been saved and she knew she had to do something about it.  That was 22 years ago and she has never looked back.  Deborah has been  developing a singing career ever since.   


Leaving her 40 year career and diving into a singing career was a exciting milestone!  


Deborah`s biggest accomplishment so far was winning VOICE OF THE OCEAN on Princess Cruise Lines.  She was voted best performer by an audience of 800 people. 


Deborah loves to captivate her audience with energetic dancing, humorous dialogue and dresses  the part in 50`s, 60`s and 70`s attire.  She enjoys catering to special events adding flair to the theme, one of her favourites was performing on Remembrance Day  at the Legion.


Deborah looks forward to many opportunities to share what she loves to do, make people laugh, tap their feet and getting people up to dance is what it is all about!

Our Prime Timers Show Down is an event you wont want to miss! With our emcee Deborah Owen introducing our Ridge Meadows Seniors acts it will be an unforgettable afternoon.  

"When Romanians left their homes for far away lands they took with them memories from ancient times: traditions, popular costumes, songs, and hora dance, transplanting these joyful memories from their old homes to new homes in adopted countries.

To keep these traditions and customs alive, to pass them on to future generations, and to share their culture with other Canadians a team of enthusiastic people created a group to promote authentic Romanian folklore, naming it the Romanian Treasure Group.
The group's first performance was in December 2018 at the Winter Celebration Festival in New Westminster, where they danced Plugusorul and Capra. The success of the group and the appreciation it received resulted in invitations to eight other multicultural festivals in different Lower Mainland municipalities. The performances of the group were met with applause, awards, and media recognition. 
Encouraged by the enthusiastic responses it has received the group continues to meet, creating new performances which it is pleased to deliver to all interested audiences."

A live musical showcase where the winner receives the opportunity to spend time recording with Studio Downe Under! Performers and show times below!

Kassandra Clack is a tenacious country artist who is no stranger to radio buzz in both major and satellite radio markets. With her most recent involvement as a finalist in Canadian Music Week's Jim Beam 2021 Talent Search, Kassandra has enhanced her industry presence while telling stories from the heart. Determined to further herself as a nationally syndicated country artist, her releases 'Buy My Own Beer', 'Stolen', and 'Are You With Me' were all added to SiriusXM's country rotation. In 2021, 'Buy My Own Beer' made its way to Yangaroo/DMDS' “Top 5 Country Downloaded” and “Most Active Indie” charts. Kassandra has been featured coast to coast on CBC Country Radio, JFRM, and Country 93.3.

Playing their own brand of classic rock, the members of TOPAZ combine their experiences in music and theater. From Vikki’s experience playing with the Mersyside Youth Orchestra in the UK, to John and Scott touring BC and the Yukon in the seventies, and Jerry scratching that rock’n’roll itch with Twitch, these players have really paid their dues. TOPAZ knows how to get a crowd on their feet and dancing. Let us entertain you!

A Rebel for the Rebels. The self-proclaimed “Second Assistant to the Second Assistant's Assistant-Second-Assistant of Rock and Roll”. Coal offers a variety of sounds including Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Hard-Driven, Electronic, Funk, Gospel, “Rattlesnake Preacher”, Deep South Soul, "Southern Roll" and Motown sounds!



Kyle Hensby founded the band Rowdy Spurs and joined the British Columbia County Music Association (BCCMA) in 2015. They were nominated for the 2016 BCCMA Gaylord Wood Traditional Country Music Award and were the first runner up for the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver 2016 Rock The Mic Contest.

Earning an audition through booking agency Noteable Entertainment at the all famous Rooster's Country Cabaret in 2017 the Rowdy Spurs were slotted into the rotating line up. In 2018 they were frequently hired and quickly became one of the top three bands chosen to play until the cabaret closed in early 2019.

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