Maple Ridge • Pitt Meadows Country Fest Albion Fairgrounds, July 27 - 28, 2024

2024 Canadian Heritage Stage
The Tailfins

The Tailfins

Meet The Tailfins, a group of elite players from the Vancouver area with miles and miles of tour and concert experience. The band pays tribute to the Instrumental Surf Guitar Music of the 1960's when artists like The Ventures, Dick Dale and songs like Walk Don’t Run, Pipeline, Wipe Out and Miserlou ruled the radio.

Kent Shores – Guitar: Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas and has been noted as “a young talent whose skill level belies his age.”

Mitch Merrett – Guitar: With over 20 Canadian Music Industry Awards including multiple Canadian Country Music Association Awards, Merrett has toured and performed countless shows across Canada, the USA, and Europe.

Kaitie Sly – Bass: For nearly 30 years Kaitie has worked as a session, touring and performing musician. She was formally trained in music at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, and then she obtained a Masters in Music from the University of Victoria in 2019.

Kyle Radomsky – Drums: Kyle has performed in over 15 countries and still counting, hundreds of artists and thousands of songs later, Kyle's always looking to learn new music and bring his sense of adventure to whatever musical situation he's found himself in.

See The Tailfins at Country Fest

Sat. July 27 3:45pm–4:30pm Canadian Heritage Stage

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