The typical dates for Country Fest would be July 24th & 25th and on those dates and because the 2019 concert attracted 9,581 views (almost 29,000 people) watching, we will again be featuring a two day Live Streamed concert on those dates. In between each band we plan to feature “Agriculture Up Close and Personal” video clips of some of what visitors would typically see at Country Fest (e.g  sheep shearer, sheep dog/ducks, horse shoeing, artisan groups , baby animal display barn and 4-H shows or interviews).


Because of our commitment to our young farmers and 4-H we are planning to take the entire week leading up to that July 24th and 25th weekend and dedicate that week to our local and out of town 4-H clubs. Depending on the COVID restrictions at that time and spreading the shows and members for safety purposes over a week will allow us to have more access to barns and show rings. Each club will come in for a few days at a time to show their projects, participate in some 4- H fun and then leave before the next group arrives. Of course it won't be the same as in previous years but at least the members will be able to show their projects and to date we already have twenty four 4-H clubs showing very enthusiastic interest.

After the 4-H week and the weekend concert, the Home Arts and Garden section, the other historical element of Country Fest, will take over the Fairgrounds Exhibition building. The Prize Book has been updated and filled with many new classes for families to get involved in. New COVD-19 rules including drop off and pick up of entries have been added. Judging, prize money and special prizes will stay the same, the only difference will be that the building will be videoed for everyone to see. If restrictions allow us, an exhibitor viewing after the judging is being considered.


2021 will not be the typical historical gathering place that everyone loves and has known in the past but what we do know is that we are the organization that is not going to allow COVID-19 to cripple our enthusiasm.